Hi there,

I am Manoj Sachwani, a full-stack developer, programmer, designer, writer, and creator.

I have been working with code, design, languages, computers, startups, founders, entrepreneurs, artists, and solopreneurs for 20+ years.

Ikigai (n.)** a reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the morning.

Over these last 20+ years, I have been working hands-on with individuals, teams, and businesses in several verticals and at various stages of growth - from startups to full-fledged listed companies.

I have also launched my own business, ideas, and startups. While one has succeeded, the others all have failed. And after all the successes and failures, what remains are the insights, experiences, and knowledge in operations, hiring people, managing pipelines, resources, and creating processes - all of which I employ now at your behest for you and your institutions.

I weave all that experience together to create value for you and your business/idea/startup. All of this acquired experience has granted me the skill sets to thrive, grow, communicate better, and contribute much to my client’s institutional needs.

My goal is, and always will be: to help you and your impetus succeed.

I am here to help provide quality full-stack development, design, and content writing solutions with timely turnarounds, and consistent deliverables at affordable rates Manoj Sachwani

I seek positions, gigs, and projects that challenge me to go and grow further. I always try to improve and prove myself through my work. It is the only way I know how to do so.

Currently, I am working full-time on Taplio, Taplio X, and TweetHunter.io. I am enjoying the work and love the team here. If you are looking for an app that boosts your social footprint and enables you to reach your social goals faster, I do recommend you give Taplio/ TweetHunter.io a try.

Except for work, hobbies, and travel, writing the blog here and creating other side projects like OddCuriosity.com keep me busy.

There are also two podcasts that I host:

Apart from the podcast, I also run a couple of newsletters:

My Guiding priciples are: Quality, Integrity, Honesty, Deliverability, Affordability, Communication, Responsibility, and Customer Service Manoj Sachwani

I experiment, learn and up-skill while I work, create/launch side-projects, and work on podcasts and newsletters.