January 5th is when I started with John’s free course on 10 days to a better blog. It’s been a revealing and reveleing ride. There were days when I finished a blog post within 45 mintues flat, then there was this one day that I spent 6 whole hours writing another one, throwing away drafts that became too “rant-y” - From 2 AM to 8AM IST in the morning. I loved every minute of it. 

When you buy an app, you hardly ever think about the community. If you are an app developer, you would develop the app and let people use it the way they want to. Providing them with support and tutorials at best. When I bought Desk, in my mind it was just another writing app. I love collecting writing apps of all shapes and forms. So I didn’t give it much thought. I just wanted to know Desk and if it could help me blog better by just being a writing app. 

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now… 

I wasn’t even aware of the fact that Desk was just a part of the whole experience called - Desk. John and the Community is where I grew as a writer. Because of this course and the forum, I could be authentic, sit down and type away on some my best work as a blogger, ’til date! 

And no app, no developer, no amount of money can take away the genuine, sheer pleasure I feel. 

The entire course has been responsible for so much more than just making me write or become a better blogger. I give John and this course, complete and full credit for - the about post, which I wouldn’t have given a second thought to, if it weren’t for this course. I look at what I have written on and all that comes to me is a smile and a thought… “Yep that’s me.” and this because of the course. 

John, the Desk community and this course have been all responsible for giving me the thought for/of (needs another post) and so much more.

The app, the developer and its users coming together to better themselves/ourselves, help others like them/us, connect with them/us and share with them/us. If that isn’t camaraderie and the best kind of commonwealth there is, then nothing is. The sheer size of good here, blows my mind away, inspires me everytime I open desk app, everytime I point my browser to I get happy, instantly motivated. 

I used to have trouble writing a single blog post a week! I have been doing it everyday now! - I think here, this statement is enough to give you folks an idea of the kind of influence that John, his story, Desk app and it’s community has over someone like me. I am simply in awe. 

I can do what I set out to do… and you can too. - Source:

The above quote say’s it all, again. If John could do one post a day, every day, then so can I. I bet, today its easier for me to do so because of John, Desk and the community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and everyone who participated in the course and is a part of the Desk community, profusely for giving me the motivation and inspiration going ahead. For helping me realize something about more about myself. For making me more authentic and more humble.

Even you don’t get the app, I would definitely recommend the course - 10 day to a better blog, to anyone who would wants to start or restart blogging. You don’t need to own the app to be part of the community.

Let me save you some time, head over to, sign up for 10 days to a better blog, read the awesome posts that others have put there, be inspired, be motivated and just go on write.