Ten days into 2015 and I have taken those 10 days to think about what I want my goals for this year to be. I don’t believe in keeping resolutions, simply because there’s not much thought put behind them. They are decided before the start of the new year(s) and are generally laughed at by people, including me; but yearly goals is something I write down in my notebook(s) and about 8 months into the year I revisit what I wrote down and see where I stand with my goals for that year. And Goals have strategies and execution plans that have to think about, most of the time every single day.

This time around I am going to do the same, the only difference being that from this year onwards I will be making most, if not all of my goals public via this blog.

Goals for 2015:

  1. Moving out: I have been staying with my family for a long time now. I am 30 and I think it’s high time I moved out. I am going to be doing just that this year. My goal is to save as much as I can by the end of this year and in December move out.

  2. Travel Alone: That’s something, again, I have wanted to do for a long time and I think it’s high time I get to it. So I have my itenary ready for this year, more about that here.

  3. Debt Free: A lot has happened in the past year, most of which I am not ready to share here yet. But one day I will. That being said, I need to become debt free and this has been planned and worked out. This should be achieved by late September this year.

  4. Publish 2 iOS apps to the Apple App Store: Every year I learn something new, to up my skillsets, being in a profession where new methodologies, technologies and languages keep coming out and the development landscape keeps changing, I think this is something vital for my professional growth. Thus I have subscribed at Udemy.com and during Christmas last year they had a $10USD sale for all their courses. I picked up two. - An iOS7 App development course, so that I can write and develop apps using Objective C. - Two, An iOS8/Swift course so I can write apps using Swift. Thus, one of the major goals this year would be to develop and publish two apps. I already know what both of them are going to be. Doesn’t matter if they return any business value to me, this is for me to learn and get into professional app development.

  5. Better my health: Two years ago I was as active as an horse on steroids. I miss that level of activity in my life. Since last year I have been trying to get up to that level and more. No more trying this year. This year is all about losing weight, eating healthy and gaining core strength.

  6. Get out more: I work for a private firm in FL., USA. I am an offshore worker and as such I work from home all the time. All work and no play has made me dull a bit and that’s something I want to start working on this year. This is also a part of pt. 2 above.

  7. Publish part two of Salt of the Earth: Last year I self-published “Salt of the Eart Part I” - the first ebook in a series of 5, available freely on the iTunes store. It’s a collection of 10 poems I wrote. And this year I am going to self-publish Salt of the Earth Part II. 

  8. Do more outside my comfort zone: This one points stays the same every year. Last year it was learning Spanish, Krav Maga (some of level 1) and learning Tango. This year it will be learning something new. I already have started on this. I am took up a course in Transaction Analysis and Gestalt (Psychology), to help me understand my relationships and my issues. So far it has been marvelous.

  9. Two more tattoos this year: I have had any new tats in about 3 years now. I seriously think that it’s time to get some new ink onto me. Some new milestones of the past. The first one is coming up soon enough, this month itself.

  10. Save more: This goes hand in hand with pt. 3. Once I do clear my debts I will be saving more. 

  11. Improve on my Work for my employer: Every year I try to do better in terms of providing more value to my Employer. He’s been kind and I look upto him as a father. And I want to do all I can to help him achieve whatever he sets his mind to. 

  12. Start blogging. One post a day, everyday: This is something that started all for me this year. My year started with this thought thanks to Desk.pm and John. And this one  goal will remain a constant throughout from now.