Why I Write?
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Today marks one week for my “one post a day, every day” affair. I call it an affair because the experience has become very intimate for me. I look forward to the time aloted in my schedule, that time when I gather my thoughts about a topic and put words down. 

It feels as if something that was lacking, is now not. Before I found Desk, before I came to know about the community John has created, I knew I wanted to write. I knew I wanted to start over from Designerfoo. I never really got around to write on and maintain Designerfoo. Sojourner, started about a year and a few months back. I knew I had to move over and start again from scratch and this time I knew I wanted to maintain and write as Sojourner and in a manner that would take out most of the hurdles of writing and posting for me.

I started with a simple about me page, pointed Sojourner.co to it.Then signed up on tumblr. One of the reasons I picked tumblr was it took out most of the technology part out of the whole process, John’s post pointing to this and more, just reinforced my thoughts about me sitting down and just writing and posting.

Thus blog.sojourner.co began. I quickly realised that the topics I would want to write on, would vary to a degree that would make it impossible for me to put everything under blog.sojourner.co and manage them with only blog.sojourner.co. Thus was born the concept of “channels”. Well, I like to call them channels and these range from code and dev articles to awesome quotes that I find while I read what I read. Ten channels or topics that I want to write about, exist today. My own personal blog roll. 

While these “channels” were ready to start posting on, I couldn’t find a theme that suited my intentions. That offered somethings that I wanted easily available within a tumblr theme. This is when I started working on Minelienda. Around the same time I also wanted a simple home page on Sojourner.co, that would form a hub of sorts for all these channels. I also wanted to keep Designerfoo as a token of those years that it existed and was just there, idling and I wanted to understand why I left writing on and maintaining Designerfoo.

Just as I was finishing Minelienda, I was done both with Sojourner.co and Designerfoo.com. The day I submitted Minelienda for approval to tumblr themes, is the day I found out about Desk. This I took as a sign to just start writing. Then I read John’s posts and came to know about the fact that he’s been writing every day for the past 12+ years! Not supprisingly, I look up to him as a role model; Both, as a fellow developer and as a fellow blogger. And thus my journey as a daily blogger started. 

Just as I started writing and publishing posts, John announced 10 Days to a Better Blog workshop. Yes sir, sign me up I said. 

It’s like everything fell in place, all by itself.

I don’t have or keep lifelong goals, but I am happy to annouce it out here, that now, as of the day I officially started writing & publishing one post a day (1st Jan, 2015), I do have one - To write and publish once a day, every day.

I will be eternally thankful and grateful to Desk and it’s creator, for giving me this extra push to get to a state of self content and happiness I have found in 7 days of writing and posting, every day. And I know I will be keeping this up. Everytime I falter I only have to look at Desk.pm and/or it’s icon and realize that I too can write today, everyday.

Writing everyday, since the last 7 days, has not only helped me explore my writing skills in an all round manner but also has been extremely therapuetic. 

I thought I did celebrate this 7 day with something special. Cheers! 

Why I Write?
Celebrating 7 days of writing.