So far this year has started in a very strifeful way. Both bitter and sweet. Blogging everyday has become something I look forward to by the end of the day here. For a multitude of reasons, one of them being that it’s been supremely therapuetic as mentioned in an earlier post here.

Thus my goal this year, and hopefully every year, will be to write one post every day. I was awed that John’s been doing this for 12+ years now. I think I needed to read something like that this year. I think I needed to stumble upon Desk. I guess, I wanted a fresh start where I wanted my routine to be shaken and made anew again. 

I started on this goal, this journey, this adventure from the 1st of January 2015; so by 1st of January 2016, I will be writing and posting 365 posts. Out of which I have already completed 12(including this one and not counting posts and days when I can post/have posted more than once a day), so from 13th Jan 2015 to 1st of Jan 2016 it would be only 353 posts more to go. I have asked a friend to keep me accountable for this. I have dangled a carrot stick in front of Dec 31st, 2015. Also, I hope that’s Daily Writing section would help me here, with some help/inputs from John along the way. 

While working on my daily blogging goal, I want my writing to improve w.r.t my grammar and spellings. I would like my posts (whether it may be code related, based on personal experiences, design related, poems, travel related or photography related) to bring some kind of value to their/it(s) reader(s).  

By the end of this year, I should have 365 posts done. I should be able to see clear improvements in my grammar, spellings and overall use of language. As for being able to tell if any of my posts brought any kind of value to any reader(s), I leave that up to you - as a reader, to let me know if any of them do or did.

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