One post a day, that is the goal for this year and hopefully for all years ahead. It’s, officially, been 18 days and I have enjoyed writing like never before, enjoyed sharing like never before. I want to keep this up. I want to keep writing and sharing. I also want to look back at the posts I have already published, get acquainted with those and myself at that point in time. I am nostalgic that way.

One of the most sensible things I have done, I think, is that I have broken down my topics into smaller “sub” or “channel” blogs. For e.g. - anything to do with photography goes over at, design/illustration etc go over at and so on. This makes it very difficult for me to know what I posted when and where and, as such, makes me lose accountibility in the long run. 

Post Index for

Accountibility and self motivation was the goal of making a list of all that I have written daily and shared. To look at it and not see a blank. To share what I have blogged/written, with everyone who wants to know. I also wanted to make sure that I didn’t spend any time writing HTML/Markdown or used jekyll or added more content to an already existing tumblr page, etc. 

I just used a Google sheet and iframed it within an html page in a sub directory over at I call it, wait for it… The Post Index! 

It’s going to be a daily and yearly thing. Daily adding to this list, a simple copy paste and yearly using new documents and publishing them like I am doing so now. I dont want dates present, just day numbers and year, that should be more than enough. Simple and sweet.

You can check out all the blog posts I have published so far, one a day. Somedays more than one. Those too are accounted for.