Freedom is a capacitative word.

Freedom from chaos. Freedom from order. Freedom from identities. Freedom from truth. Freedom from lies. Freedom from bonds. Freedom from promises. Freedom from numbness. Freedom from pain. Freedom from feelings. Freedom from bounds. Freedom from chains. Freedom from consumerism. Freedom from the free. Freedom from debate. Freedom from knowledge. Freedom from existence. Freedom from the mundane. Freedom from the excitements. Freedom from time. Freedom from the soul. Freedom from our pro-genesis. Freedom from our lions.


It’s one word. Yet in the time of the Internet, in the time of our climb, in the time of our decline, and in forever wilful, eternity. In any time, any parallel; We as a people, as a race,will never be free. It’s the single most important law of evolution that Charles Darwin, forgot to mention, unintentionally or otherwise.

But Love promises Freedom.

It’s said, mentioned, debated, felt, that Love transcends time. And as such as it may be, if it may be, we will never be free.

I dare say that Love is the cure and the ailment. But it is faith, a truth of hope, for the Free.

Thus We Seek.

In a world, in any parallels of it, to it, we are bound. And with being bound, we seek Freedom, we feel the overwhelming hope of being Free of such bounds.

Even in death, we seek. We strive to seek and survive, so we would survive and seek more Freedom.

But it is these bindings that makes us feel, what and how we feel about our domains. Yet, we seek Freedom.

Then is Freedom, a disguise for escape? Are we so far gone, that we don’t want to feel, in any time and space, any feeling? Will we be ever, not wanting to break free of anything?

What exactly is it, we as a collective herald of the many universes, are trying to achieve or trying to seek out? Is it that we are trying to escape from the present? Or the goal is to achieve a cause after cause? Is being still so costly an affair, that acceptance will never be enough? What will be the truth, that shall set us free, when will it be enough. Does Freedom mean, wanting more than just what you have right now?

Having a mind of your own, comes at a price. A terrible, terrible price of making decisions, choosing causes, fighting for Freedom from/for those causes.

Does fighting, craving, hoping, loving for faith, make you happy? Helps you sleep at night?

All these bounds, these chains, are constructs of this universes nature. And until the last of the stars, winks out on you, and plunges everything in nothing, Freedom, as such will be a construct so strong, so true, that all time and its cronies, will be governed by it.

All that you feel today or don’t feel today, all that you lust, all that love, all that you seek, all that you want, all that you see or don’t see, all that you work, all that you create, all that you destroy, today, or at any time, is governed by this construct.

And this universal force of Freedom, swallows the light itself.

That brings me to Love. “Seek and thou shall find” — has a new meaning from today. It means that if I shall seek all that I can, seek all the escapes I want and I can, seek all that Freedom and yet never be free, because I will always want more; At the end of it all, when everything falls under the shadow, when I get overwhelmingly exhausted of seeking, finding, fighting for cause of more, the only thing that remains is Love.

Love for you, of you, no matter what, who or where you are. And in feeling that Love, I am free, I am free of wants, of causes, of bounds, of Freedom. Because I want, one last thing, I seek one last Freedom from seeking Freedom, and that is, in eternity and all its parallels, be bound to you.

In all of its super existential essence, Freedom, is an an enabling construct, one which, enables the universe, to seek, be lost into nothingness, and then find reality. Of Love.

“For, no matter who you are, what you do, where you are going, I love you, all of you; And in doing so, in wanting to love you, I overcome Freedom.” — indefiniteloops