If you happen to bump into me, more often than not, you will find me wearing a tee and shorts. What can I say? I like to hang lose. :P

I love tees and I love good design. What I love more than tees and design, are awesomely designed t-shirts and I have quiet a collection.

35 Sites to buy awesomely designed t-shirts from
35 Sites to buy awesomely designed t-shirts from

Here are 35 sites to buy great tees from:

  1. Teefury: Started in 2008 by Artists. These guys have some great pop culture tees. Most tees are limited, have a 24 hour buying deadline. The more popular ones get added to the online store and are available till stocks last. I buy a lot from these guys. Tees cost between $11-$18. These guys are also know to have a contest between two designs. You can buy one, or both if you did like. Check out todays t-shirt on Teefury
  2. Once Upon A Tee: These guys categorise their tees as “Collections”. Currently they have about four collections, viz., The Doctor Who Collection, Badge Collection, Zerobriant Collection and The Middle Earth Collection. Their tee designs are great. Each collection ends in 3-7 days. You can buy a collection of tees (club in multiple tees and get a discount) or you can opt for a single tee. A tee costs about $7-$55, depending on what you choose.
  3. Busted Tees: Started in 2004. One of the best online tee stores out there. Great designs, and great sales, every so often. Most tees here strive to be funny and most are fan art based. Great tees none the less. Another favourite o’mine. Tees cost about $8 - $20.
  4. 6 Dollar Shirts: Silk screened tees for $6, need I say more? They have a huge collection. These guys have over 30 years of experience in printing. You can get 10 tees for $50. Neat! Crazy T-Shirts Only $6. And Any 10 for only $50!
  5. Design By Humans: Started in 2007, Design By Humans prides itself in creating wearable art. And I agree. These guys have some great tees and other wearable art. Awesome quality tees. Over 15,000 artists from around the world contribute to create some great designs, which you can wear. Tees cost around $24-$30. Use Coupon Code DBH5 for 5% off all Design By Humans shirts.
  6. Snorg Tees: Started in 2004. SnorgTees specialises in pop-culture, random and funny tees. Again, these guys have huge collection and some tees are really great. Their daily tee designs sell at $15/tee. Tees in their gallery cost about $20.
  7. Project T-Shirt: A very hipster brand. They have some really great, exclusively designed tees. Tees cost about $18 - $30, depending on the designs you choose. Their clearance section does seem to have some nice designs too. Worth a see.
  8. My Tee Spot: Started in 2006, they don’t have any original designs as such. They officially license a lot of pop-culture and retro-themed t-shirts. Tees cost about $13 to $20. They have a huge collection to choose from.
  9. Donkey Tees: They market themselves as offering the most humorous pop-culture tees in the universe. They have some tees, which are common with some of the other online tee shops mentioned above and below, but they also have a comical “Original Ass” tees. I might just pick one of those up :). Tee costs about $12 - $20. Not bad at all for that price.
  10. Tee Villain: They resemble TeeFury (see above) a lot. With limited edition tees selling for $11 for 24 hours. The major difference is their theme, all tee designs are based on the theme of the “villain”. Pretty cool tee designs, If I may. Tees cost $11 as stated above. Awesome price for awesome design tees!
  11. Red Bubble: RedBubble offers some cool t-shirt designs. Some are one of a kind. Great material, and value for money. Usually more expensive than others in their league. But most of the uniquely designed tees are worth it. Tees cost about $20-$30.
  12. TShirt Laundry: Started in 2009, their designs are inspired by, again, popular culture, novels, etc. They peg their tees as funny, but If I may, most are not. None the less some great designs. They offer new design / new tees weekly. Tees cost about $15 - $25.
  13. Popup tee: An online tee shop with a difference. They pop open their store randomly for a duration of 3 days, to showcase and sell similarly themed tees. They are open for 3 days now and the current theme as far as I can say is fantasy and circle. Neat designs. Tees cost about $15-$25.
  14. Tee Turtle: Started in 2012 by designer RamyB, TeeTurtle has grown splendidly. Again some awesomely designed tees are available here. Tees cost about $12-$25. Pre-orders cost $12, then post that depends on the type you wanna buy. They have some neat glow-in-the-dark tees too.
  15. Textual Tees: Started in 2009. They, as the name suggests, sell mostly textual tees. Tees, that have something funny, quirky written on them. The have a good online presence and have some great offers going, like buy 5 tees for $35 bucks. Tees cost about $10, if bought one at a time.
  16. Crack Smoking Shirts: Started in 2002. They offer offensive and funny tees. Not as offensive as T-Shirt Hell (see below), but still some may find them offensive. I like most of the stuff they have here. Tees cost about $18. Some designs are unique.
  17. T-Shirt Hell: Started in 2001, T-Shirt Hell has one bottom line “Where all the bad shirts go”. Dry, retarted, hellish, choice of a lot of porn stars and men’s magazine editors and “dicky” tees galore. You either hate ‘em or love ‘em. Tees cost about $22. Their history is mired in controversy because of their designs. See for yourself.
  18. Spread Shirt: They are a big online mall of tees. Many small and big designers have opened up a shop with them and are doing well. So, when visiting spreadshirt, you know you will have a lot of options to chose from. Tees cost about $15-$40, depending on the design and brands you select. Great site to shop from.
  19. Woot: Started in 2004, Woot is community of sorts of sites or rather a collection of online stores for various stuff. Including tees. They offer a daily deal tee for $12, and their designs are neat. If you miss a daily deal, its gone. They may get it back or no. Apart from the daily deal they have small collections based on topics like “Fairy Tales” and each tee within that is for about $12. Each collection has an end date and again, they might bring it back or not. All in all a great site to get your unique tee design, with a range of absolutely limited collections based on various topics. Huge collection of tees.
  20. Five Finger Tees: Started in 2009, they are a family owned Business. They offer a wide variety of tees, licensed from other vendors. The good part is that they sell their tees for $10, some of the same tee designs sell for about $15-$20 on other online stores. Good collection of tees. Great price.
  21. Ript Apparel: One t-shirt a day, for 24 hours. Same business model as TeeFury (see above), Great designs, most are unique to RiptApparels. Tees cost about $10. And I am so inclined to buy $10 Assassin Creed one, shown above in the image!
  22. T-shirt Bordello: A regular ol’ online tees seller. With a huge collection, mostly on pop-culture and fan art. Tees cost about $15-$20. Overall, not bad. Their tee designs are more macabre themed. Currently they have an offer going on. Buy 4 and get the 5th for free.
  23. BlackBirdTees: Owned by two people, Jody and Karl, BlackBirdTees has a limited tees to chose from. They are eco-friendly. Their designs are awesomely simple. Everything is done in house. Jody designs, illustrates and prints. Karl handles the business end of the shop. Tees are a little expensive, costing about $20 to $50, since everything is done in house and they use environmentally friendly materials every where they can.
  24. Day Of The Shirt: They collect, daily and weekly awesome tee sales from around the internet and show it to you in single place. Nice if you are looking to buy cheap, good quality, unique tees from a multitude of places.
  25. NeatOShop: They are an online store of the popular blog called Neatorama. They offer a great collection of tees. Free shipping world wide, so thats definitely a plus. Tees go for about $20, which is average.
  26. Imaginary Foundation: Not exactly a tee design firm, The Imaginary foundation is a place where they do experimental research. They have a clandestine team, and their director’s name is not known. What we do know is that they have a store with some really, really unique tee designs. Some of those designs are out of this world. Absolutely unique. My next tee is going to be bought from here. Tees cost about $30, but totally worth it!
  27. LaFraise: Started in 2004, they are a social network of graphic designers and artists. They have a good collection of tees, which have great designs. I love the tees on their shop. They are a little expensive with tees costing about 13 Euros - 30 Euros. Currently there’s a sale going on, if you buy 2 tees, you get 2 surprise tees for free.
  28. Glenzz Tees: Owned by Glenn Jones, a freelancer from NZ. Started in 2008. Glenn has worked for Threadless (see below), and that’s where he started from. Quiet a big collection. His tee designs are cool, unique and creative. Based on pop-culture.
  29. Filthy Nasty: Started in 2010. Textual tees galore! I love their stuff. They do have limited stuff though, as compared to most of the others here in this list. Its owned by one man. Darren Millar. He does everything, one-man-show. Some great names in the DJing arena have worn these tees. Tees cost about 20 British Pounds - 30 British Pounds. A little on the expensive side.
  30. Captain KySo: An Indian company with great t-shirt designs, who’d thought? My first tee from them was when I am bumped into their booth at a local Comic Con event. Their designs are unique and fresh. They have a daily shirt deal, where tees cost about 20% less their price. Tees go for about $8-$10. If you happen to live in India, you usually get your tees within 5 days.
  31. Shirts.com: A huge collection of tees, some available for less on other sites. Some exclusively on shirts.com. Great tee designs to chose from. Tees cost about $20-$25. You can sort by popular themes, colours, etc.
  32. The English Tee Shop: The tee shop offers unisex, textual tees. Very Limited collection. Tees go for about 32 British pounds. They are made in England. Get some if its your cup of tea.
  33. David And Goliath Tees: Simple and Small, they have ok-ok tees. Some are unique, some can be found elsewhere. Tees cost from $10-$30.
  34. Threadless: Threadless was started in 2000. The designs here are created and chosen by an active community of tee shirt lovers. Each week scores of designs are submitted and after seven days the staff reviews the designs. Based on the popularity score, about 10 designs are released every week and sold worldwide. Tees cost from $9-$45, depending upon what you choose. These guys have won several awards and are one of the best out there. One of my other favourites.
  35. OddCuriosity.com: A small shop by yours truly. Unique, no-where to find tee designs. Designs include haikus you find here, along with photographic illustrations created by photographs made irl. Support the blog and the creator. Buy one today.