Last year one of my goals was to travel more. This year too it continues. Till the end of 2014, I was afraid of traveling alone. I didn’t trust myself to be competent enough to travel by myself. I am still figuring the whys out. So this year the goal is to Travel, alone.

I have planned about 3 trips this year, every 3-4 months. Two of these trips are domestic, out of which one is out of state and one very close to my home city. The third one, is an international trip.

  1. March 2015 - Trip to Auroville: Every year Auroville (Viluppuram, Tamin Naidu) host’s a Tango festival. And since I did learn some Tango, why not? I will have to pretend to be a beginner here since I have lost touch, but I am looking forward to it. I visited Auroville briefly in 2014 , while I was in Pondicherry, Tamil Naidu (post coming up soon on this blog). I wanted to visit the Mantri Mandir and I didn’t get a chance to do so. So that will be another highlight of this year’s trip there. This trip will be with a group of friends I learned Tango with/from.  Read My Review about my Stay at Auroville.
  2. June 2015 - Camping trip: I have been wanting to go on this one for a long time and I decided I want to do this sometime in June 2015 this year. This will probably be at one of the camping grounds offerend by
  3. November 2015 - The International Trip: ’til recently this was suppose to be Spain, since last year I studied Spanish upto the intermediate level and then went on to learn some Tango. I know that’s Argentinian, but I always wanted to. That being said, due to budget constraints I will be traveling to Bhutan instead, sometime end of this year. If things fall into place then mostly November 2015. I will be in Paro(Paru) for all of my trip, visiting Monastaries around and If I am lucky, hopefully, staying in one. I am hoping to see some snow too.